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SHAW | BOERTIEN moves to the ‘Cloud’

Well…not exactly. While we physically haven’t moved we have made the move to embrace cloud computing for all of our files. Working in a team of 3 (soon to be 4) each person on the team has different responsibilities on each assignment and needs to be able to access, review and edit our documents and materials in the office, on a tour or in a client’s office.

We all use multiple devises throughout the day – desktop, tablet, laptop and smart phone. So emailing files to ourselves or using a USB stick wasn’t an efficient or effective answer.

After doing some research on the various cloud services available we ultimately chose to go with Dropbox  for Teams. Now all of us have all of files, up to date, at our finger tips where ever we are and what ever devise we are using.

Cloud computing is not only providing some efficiency and convince to our team it is having a impact on the commercial real estate (CRE) business and workplace strategy. Some of the ways the cloud is impacting commercial real estate include:

- Reduced capital costs

- Improving work/life flexibility

- Supports virtual work environments

- Flexibility and cost savings for early stage companies

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